A goose's opinion (by Iris)


I am Goosey. Many of my friends will know me by 'Iris'. But in this adventure, we make the rules. So, I will be known as 'Goosey' (or Goose). 

As the oldest kid, I am thirsty for independence. For quite a while, I would look for ways to be independent. But when we moved to America, I got WAY more independence. In America, we can walk to the parks on our own and we can do many more other things (even stay at home on our own for an hour or two). 

But there were some challenges along the way. Like our bunk bed, it was a pain to find and it took 4.5 hours to build. Our bikes were hard to find too. And Goat and I sometimes argue. If you haven't heard of Goat, he is known as Theo. Like I said, we make the rules. 

But enough about our unfortunate mishaps (or misquacks) along the way. I will now talk about the differences we now face. For instance, cars drive on the wrong side of the road and the steering wheel is on the wrong side too. The food is different here too. I have recently taken a liking to peanut butter cups. I also like Cheerios, but my parents are rationing how many I get. My new favourite dinner is tacos with mince. But there is lots more to try, and I'm excited to try it.

For now,

Goose out



  1. Well done Iris. Thank you for your story so far. We can't wait for more.....love Granny Yvonne and grandpa.

  2. Goosey & Goat 😁😁😁 I totally love it Iris!!! Looking forward to many updates on your adventure. Exciting times ahead. Miss you guys!!!


  3. Thanks Iris. Lovely to hear about your adventures in America. I also love peanut butter cups. Goose and goat you are very brave. America is lucky to have you. Mwah Anthea

  4. Sorry should be Iris. Grandpa Philip

  5. Spelling is my favourite part of that write up G-SE


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