Goose is back in Quackshin (Iris)

 Hi again.

I'm back as Goose. I wanted to update you because today was really fun. In the morning we ate breakfast then we went....Oh, wait! I forget to tell you when we arrived at the campsite it was really dark. We got such a fright because we heard a coyote!!!  Through the night the coyote howled. But in the morning it ceased.

Now back to what we did in the morning. We went swimming in the lake. Mom wanted to run on the cool tracks here. A few minutes after she left, she came running back shouting that she had just seen a bear. We all put on our shoes and rushed to the spot where she had seen it. Dad and I saw it sprinting into the trees. We kept watching to see if there were any more but there weren't. On the way back, I spotted a cute little toad.

Later it started to pour with rain so we jumped into the car and drove to this little shop to get pizza. After that, as we were driving back, mom spotted a blueberry picking farm. We went in and we picked so many blueberries that we may make a blueberry pie. When we got back to the camp, everything was wet but we made a fire (somehow, it still amazes me how we did it). I can't write anymore because I don't know what happens next. 

The End (for now). 

(PS- the coyote turned out to be a loon, a water bird that has an eery call)


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